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Reprogram thy Self.

Everything you partake in changes you in one way or another, whether it’s what you eat, what you listen to, or who you spend time with. Everything you partake in on a regular basis becomes part of you. What are we partaking in? What feelings, what messages, what vibrations? What movies, music, and blogs? How are we limiting ourselves by what we indulge in? What if we strongly program ourselves to do things society deems impossible… things that just might save the world? So-called superhuman untapped potential. Superhumanity. Modern age society’s TV programs, schools, music, etc program your mind. This is the issue with porn, horror movies, sensationalism, violent and sexual advertising. It’s programming a reality in the mind that then becomes manifest in the person’s consciousness, actions, and affect on the world. It becomes part of the world and spreads to others. You may think the things you partake in have no effect, such as the movies you watch. However, the subconscious mind knows no difference between a “real” and “fake” emotion. That means, to your subconscious mind, every fantasy you partake in is in some way REAL. What does that say about these video game fantasies of running around shooting mass amounts of people? They have become manifest in the mass shootings across America.

Positive emotions are known to be healing. It’s important to look at the dark, but not become obsessed by it. If you stare too long at the abyss, the abyss stares back through you. That which you focus on proliferates. It’s a daily struggle, a practice and mindfulness that must never end. Another key element: silence. Meditation means silence. If enough of us strongly focus on positive growth and gratitude in thought and action, could it not save the world?

Power Up.

Power Up.

How to Find Your Spirit Animal Totem

  To the uninitiated, it sounds strange, possibly crazy, but from my personal life experience, it is 100% true.  Yes, we really do have spirit animals.  Cool huh. Imagine... the spirit and energy of that creature giving you power and abilities unique to your Totem group.  And weaknesses.  You will LOOK like your animal.  You will ACT like your animal.  Your life will mirror its life.  You will have a strong connection to the animal in some way, shape, or form.  You see it in movies and books all the time.  One of the strongest examples I’ve seen is in The Golden Compass.  Game of Thrones.  The Brotherhood of the Wolf.  The 80's cartoon VISIONARIES.  Wolverine.  Spider-Man.  Batman.  Snoop Dogg.  Bruce Lee (Dragon).  Astrological signs are a form of Totem as well.  

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light

  Since I was a youngling, I’ve always noticed there was a connection between certain people and a particular animal.  Animal totemism is a major aspect of Shamanism, and often when I looked at celebrities or my friends I would intuitively feel a certain animal energy there.  Later I learned that one of the jobs of a Shaman is to help people find their animals for themselves.  Only you know what animal you are.  Only YOU know YOU.  You have to be honest with yourself though.

  Animals are special and sacred.  They represent nature and life itself.  They are highly important to science AND spirit.  When you make a connection with an animal spirit, it is no small thing.  It is like gaining experience points and new abilities in an RPG.  It means you have increased spiritual energy.  It means that you have unlocked a new dimension of yourself, and it gives you power and confidence.  Knowledge is power, and all knowledge is ultimately self knowledge.  It is a power that can be used and also misused.  In Shamanism, it is said that when your soul gets sick, it is because your spirit animal has abandoned you, and the Shaman must help you get it back.  If you disrespect it and don’t honour it, it will abandon you.  

  You don't choose your spirit animal.  It must choose YOU.  You may try to choose whatever spirit animal you think is the most badass, but you may be setting yourself up for disappointment.  Just because you think a certain animal is great doesn’t mean you have a connection with it.  It could mean that you are strongly in denial about who you are and that you are living an inauthentic existence.  If your guide is the SQUIRREL and you want to be the LION, subconsciously you may be programming yourself to believe something untrue, and acting like that LION could get you into trouble.  I believe the man in the GRIZZLY MAN documentary movie fell prey to this.

  Sometimes when you see an animal, it IS a SIGN. 

  Finding your animal is more of an art than a science, but it does require firm logic.  Think: COINCIDENCE (Synchronicity).  The caveat is this: it must be an extraordinary coincidence or number of coincidences.  Maybe you have a nickname that was given to you and has followed you your whole life.  Perhaps you were attacked by an animal in a way that was very intense, possibly life threatening.  Maybe you keep hearing a certain animal’s name, and then you see that animal on TV or, better yet, in real life.  Use your intuition.  Search your feelings, Luke.  

  Personal examples.  In the earlier part of my life's journey, I had been aware of the idea of Spirit Animals for awhile, but not yet convinced.  Then one day, I was reading a book that described how to find your animal.  It said that the animal would reveal itself to the person.  I began to contemplate.  I think for awhile, then go to the bathroom.  I look at the mirror and realize I am wearing a shirt with a huge animal head on it.  Synchronistically, this very animal was talked about in the movie I had just watched.  I thought further about an experience I had with the animal as a child that was quite intense.  BOOM.   I realized this animal was my Totem.  Instantly I had a clearer picture of who I was as a being, my energy mirrored back to me in the form of this animal spirit.  My strengths, my weaknesses, my tendencies towards certain things that were not shared by all.  It was a reminder of things I had already known about myself, but not yet solidified into a specific concept or word.  It gave me a new respect for my own power and abilities.  

  On another occasion, there was an animal that I would see all of the time that I was somewhat fond of.  Sometimes, I felt like the creature was following me around.  I thought to myself that perhaps there was a connection, but I did not assume.  I wanted to be absolutely sure, so I held back any assumptions.  Then one day, I was having an important interview for a new job.  They told me that the interview would be late, and to come back in 30 minutes.  I went for a walk around the block, and there was a museum with free entry right there.  I walked in, and immediately a woman handed me a piece of paper with the exact said animal printed on it with its name in big words.  BOOM.  Mind was blown.  A new aspect of the self revealed.  When it happens for you, it is a sign that you are doing something right in life, you are headed in the right direction.  

  You will have more than one animal.  Some are not your SOUL animal, but just temporary messengers and guides, alerting you to the next step in your journey.  Sometimes they can be harbingers of ill events to come.  I have personally experienced this as well.  

  In our DNA lies the codes to all life on Earth.  All embryos look identical in the womb.  Our DNA is less than 1% different than that of a chimpanzee or a bonobo.  All life is connected.  Everything is ONE.  1.


New Music Video ! "LUCY'd"

Time to Wake UP !  SHA DRA - LUCY'd  !  ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Psychedelic Pineal 3rd Eye Woke Conscious Hip Hop.   Brought the Jedi Warriors for this one. Shot in Taiwan.  Inspired by the movie that was shot in Taiwan.  Inspired by my grandmothers. Inspired by Beethoven.  

May be hard to tell, but the shirt I'm wearing features a Shaman wearing a cross and antlers with Sacred Geometry in the background.  Spinning Vajra Thunderbolt from Nepal on the finger.  Aztec/Mayan calendar, panther with ruby eye, and Mudra around the neck.  Buddha heads on the wrist.  

Thanks to all involved: Billy Stagner, Irina Love, Isabel Love, Tony Quander, and Sam Perniskie. Great write-up about the shoot by the homie Andrew:

Higher Self Download December 2016

I received this message from my higher self on December 4, 2016.

The Divine Moment

The Divine Moment

First, I said a prayer to the universe and declared that I was doing this to make myself a better person, thus making the World a better place.  

I closed my eyes to meditate. It began.

Immediately I felt an energy wave come over me and, instinctually, I gave into it and let it engulf my entire being.  

Then, I entered pure consciousness.  I became consciousness.

I thought this was the end, the final enlightenment, and it would only be pure consciousness from here on out.  Reality was finished.  Each time I experienced the Egolessness, I also thought that that was IT, reality was completed and now pure consciousness forever.  Wrong again.  I reacted this way most likely due to the overwhelming intensity of the experience.  It was TRUE BEing, and literally no conscious thinking occurred during the entirety of the experience.  An experience beyond all comprehension.  An experience of nadulterated fractalized Beauty aka Truth aka Light.  

Slowly and somewhat relieved, I returned to this reality from Spirit aka Energy aka Consciousness aka Source aka The Force aka The Life Force.  

I was overcome by gratitude.  Inwardly, I laughed at my own foolishness, my own fears, and the needy, confused ego.  I did not chastise myself for these flaws.  I felt that every single emotion that I've ever felt in my life was completely justified and understandable for someone coming from my finite point of view, and it is the same for each of us.  I saw that I had an important responsibility in all of this, yet also realized one of the most direct messages I've ever received from Spirit:  It's not about ME.  It's about WE.  It’s about US. ME is WE.  We are Me.

I felt extremely warm inside and emPOWERed.  I felt free and strong, and I took off my shirt and hoodie.  I FELT the LOVE and BLASTED it all over the world and to the universe.  I BLASTED it towards those dark brothers and sisters and felt compassion for them.  Again, no thought... pure FEELing.  Then, I opened my eyes and my higher self spoke, for it was not this 'I' that spoke.  

Got to FEEL it.  Not think it, not even say or communicate it.  Yes, all of those things, too. But. First of all, at the root. FEEL IT and send those vibrations out to the universe like Goku.

Silence the mind, feel it, and send it all over the world.  Resonate with the Love Energy.

We got this.  All of these problems, these wars, these natural disasters… WE GOT THIS.  The Age of Darkness is OVER.  The Age of Enlightenment has just BEGUN.  There is NOTHING more to FEAR.  "They" will NOT prevail, for they will be engulfed by the LOVE and be transformed.  "They" will not need to be punished, for they shall punish themselves by their own guilt which will also be finally cleansed. 

I saw a great awakening, a great enlightenment with an army of Buddhas, awakened ones spreading Love and Light and Life.

I saw the people lost in Darkness, these politicians, these elite, these corporate business people... all of these so-called human beings could be and would be changed by the Love.  They would put up their psychic walls and defenses of greed and hate, and the love would shatter these boundaries, completely break through, overpower, and change them.  I saw there is truly nothing to fear and literally nothing and group or organization could do to stop it, and in the end they would thank us. (There is no us and them, only us.)  I saw that the dark brothers and sisters were just lost, also because of the circumstances they grew up in.  They prey on others like vampires trying to TAKE the love that they felt denied to them and that they denied to themselves.  Chasing falseness. False POWER is the revenge for this lack of love.  They are just looking for LOVE in all the wrong places, though they may not even realize what they are actually searching for.

In fact, they are the catalyst for the great awakening.  They are creating the need to awaken and ascend, because if we don’t, we will drown. To ascend, you need something to push against.  "Princes are made great by facing obstacles, not avoiding them."  (Machiavelli)

I saw that there is NOTHING to FEAR, and FEAR is the only weapon which the elite and the evil posses.  That fear is pure ILLUSION.  I saw that their slings and arrows would be transformed by the great LOVE into flowers, just like when the Buddha faced Maya in the final showdown between Reality and Illusion.  I saw that "they" would become more and more desperate as The Great Awakening occurs, but would be completely POWERLESS to stop it.  As if we were engaged in the game of Monopoly and then we just suddenly walked away as someone screamed in the distance for us to come back.  We will not, and in fact, they will follow the Love.

You must MASTER your FEAR, and not let IT MASTER YOU.  The Dragon of Fear. You must MASTER the DRAGON and when you do, it will RESPECT and OBEY your commands.  Then you can Ride the Dragon.  One must TAKE the POWER, and the POWER is LOVE.  The power is there! It’s everywhere! No, it’s inside you, and doesn’t need to be from anyone else. Once that is done, there is NOTHING that can stop you.  Love and Fear, these are the choices of where to focus consciousness.

I saw, with my third eye, we are waking up the world simply through the act of awakening ourselves. I saw that the elite are just pawns in GOD's great game, and that a TSUNAMI of LOVE was going to ENGULF the ENTIRE GLOBE.  IT IS HAPPENING.  This is Reality, this is not a dream, time has come. We are at the precipice. We’ve been getting so much new information, that our consciousness is changing in unseen ways. Society is changing. These invisible undercurrents of human that are all part of the Singularity, the Great Awakening. The entrance into the next age, from Kali Yuga to Kali Satya. Time to heal the world. I've seen glimpses of this coming my entire life, but never so clearly and strongly as now.  Time has come.  

Will I be able to handle this awakening, these responsibilities?  Will the world?  I will.  WE WILL.  TIME HAS COME.  TIME to HEAL THE WORLD.  WE GOT THIS.  FEAR NOTHING FROM HERE ON OUT.  Get ready... BLISS is COMING.  Once we heal the heart of humanity, we will able to work together and fix all of the problems in the world. They are all fixable if we pooled our human power, technology, and resources. If we could work together.

Everything before now is just precursor to this. A single moment in time where Matter and Spirit become One.

Science and Spirit are One. Everything is one, just different faces of the same galactic crystal.

I have NEVER been so EXCITED and INSPIRED for the future in my ENTIRE LIFE.  Time has come, the flower of consciousness is blossoming.  The seed of it was planted, and we’ve been learning to use responsibly, since the time we went from animal to human.

What is a SINGULARITY?  An event that happens only ONCE and never again.  

I blasted more LOVE around, I blasted it to people that I have been in conflict with as well as to family and friends.  The TRIBE gathered for a group hug.

Finally, I felt myself slowly get cold again.  Again, I had thought that I was going to be in that higher mind state permanently, but I came back to the this 3D dimension, back to my normal senses.  I put on my shirt and hoody.  I put on my glasses.  Back to Clark Kent. The POWER I had felt like a SUN from my heart was slowly fading, yet quietly still there, HIBERNATING.  I put my hands in prayer to my face and walked around a bit with eyes closed, focusing on and savoring the last of Source Energy.  No thought, FEEL.  

It's happening. Get ready to FEEL SO GOOD.


The Soul Journey of Han Solo

The Journey of Han Solo

Han Solo is the prototypical Material Ego Man.  Confident, handsome, capable, fearless, intelligent...arrogant. He starts off in the movie as a nonbeliever.  

Luke Skywalker: You don't believe in the Force, do you? 

Han Solo: Kid, I've flown from one side of this galaxy to the other, and I've seen a lot of strange stuff, but I've never seen anything to make me believe that there's one all-powerful Force controlling everything. 'Cause no mystical energy field controls my destiny. It's all a lot of simple tricks and nonsense. 

Han Solo believes in one thing: himself.  Han Solo serves one thing: himself.  He doesn't believe in the Force.  He doesn't believe that everything and everyone are connected by a unified field of energy.  He believes in taking care of #1 (Han Solo).  And that is why he is so alone.  Solo.  Well, he does have his "dog”, Chewbacca.

He is not an evil person, and he does have a good heart.  It is just deeply buried underneath his own ego and selfishness.  This selfishness has gotten him into trouble, thus he is a man who is haunted by bad karma in the form of Jabba the Hutt.  He literally owes a karmic debt.  When you are on a the path of EGO, it causes a lack of wisdom, and therefore allows one to make undesirable decisions that have negative reactions.  Bad karma.  

Han's dark night of the Soul.

Han's dark night of the Soul.

What happens to Han Solo?  Well, his skills as a smuggler are purchased by the Rebellion.  As soon as the job is finished, he intends to take his earnings and pay off his debts.  Before he gets the chance to leave, the Empire attacks, and he is pulled back into the fray, showing that he does have a heart and at least some willingness to be unselfish and fight for something bigger than himself.  Eventually karma catches up with him.  He is captured by Jabba and frozen in carbonite.  He has hit rock bottom.  He is in the process of being divinely humbled by his “dark night of the soul”.

Because of his good acts and newfound true friendship, his friends work together to rescue him.  He is saved from his literal darkness, as the carbonite has also left him temporarily blind.  This is highly symbolic.  He is freed from the carbonite chamber. He has been to the dark and now makes his way back to the light.  Slowly, he begins to regain his sight.  Slowly, he comes back to the light, to the truth, to the guidance of the FORCE.  What's the first thing Han sees when he fully regains his sight in Return of the Jedi?  Luke as a fully formed Jedi wielding his skills like a master, for Luke is no longer the "boy" that Han once knew, a sign from the universe that Han is on the path of the Light side.

After Han Solo is saved in Return of the Jedi, he leads the attack on the Endor moon base. Han generously offers his beloved Millenium Falcon to Lando Calrissian to fight the against the Death Star, the final testament to his change from selfishness to selflessness. 

Not only has Han just experienced the love of his new family, but he has now seen the power of the Force as it is expressed through Luke.  We see Luke become the Jedi he was always meant to be.  As this happens, everyone around Luke becomes a  true believer, (know-er, actually) including Han.  Han has experienced love, and he has experienced the Force, something greater than himself.  

Han Solo goes from being the Materialistic Ego Man to being the Spiritual Love Man.

Han Soul-o.  



Shamanism in Pop Culture: Star Trek TNG

Wesley Crusher, the kid, is the Shaman of Star Trek : The Next Generaltion.   He shows all of the signs.  First, he suffers a great tragedy that shakes up his childhood when his father dies violently.  Now, he is different.  He is forced to face the meaning of Death at a young age.  

Then, he is told by an energy manipulating being from another world that he is special.  He is told that he sees and understands something that most don't: SPACE, TIME, and THOUGHT are all one.  (Everything is Consciousness.  Elevate Consciousness.)  

(Season 1, Episode 6: Where No One Has Gone Before)

In the 24th century, Native Americans have decided to leave Earth, so they choose a planet guided to them by Spirit and move there.  Demonic-looking beings called Kardassians are trying to take it over, with the Federation in the middle as peacemaker.  While there, Wesley is approached by the "Shaman" of the tribe and led to have a Vision Quest.  In the trancelike state, Wesley sees his long dead father.  He advises him not to follow in his footsteps and to find his own path.  

When Wesley comes out of the Vision Quest, he finds that the Native peoples and the Kardassians are fighting, and he yells stop.  Time stops.  Wesley is able to make time stop with his mind.  The "Shaman" appears.  Turns out the "Shaman" is the original energy manipulating being from another dimension.  The being tells Wesley he has much to learn, and the two of them walk off to another dimension.     

(Season 7, Episode 20: Journey's End)

See the video of it here:


The Healing Power of Love

I believe... Love is literally a healing energetic force.  You have to feel it through and through.  Have to make your body tingle with positive energy.  I experienced this first hand once when I had bronchitis really bad. An old friend hit me up for a chat, and it was so great to talk to him, I felt energized and was mostly healed by the time we finished.  True story.  I was like 80% better.  Another friend told me how once he was walking and he saw a man fall down and start foaming at the mouth.  He went over to the man, put his hands above him and started praying.  Within a few minutes, the man basically came back to consciousness.  I believe what healed him was the love and compassion... and the intention.  I think love is a bio-electrical force that has a definite effect on the real world.  Real love... This is also demonstrated in Harry Potter when he is taught the protective spell of "Expecto Patronum." For the spell to protect him against the negative entities, he must say the words while conjuring up his happiest memory, which for him is just an image of him with his parents, the love he had for his parents.  Not saying it's easy, but perhaps the more of a loving, feeling person you are, the more effective it is.  It involves summoning a very strong emotion from within.  I will continue to test this theory.


How to Manifest (Using Consciousness)

This may solve ANYTHING.  It's possible.  Here is a lesson on how to manifest that I got from this book by Hillary S. Webb:

Paraphrasing here.  There is a native village that is not getting any rain.  It doesn't rain for weeks, so the Shaman of the tribe decides to do something about it.  He goes into a tent by himself.  He doesn't come out for three days.  On the third day, it rains, and he comes out.  The anthropologist studying the tribe asks the Shaman, "What did you do?  Did you ask the Gods for rain?"  

He said, "No.  I just thought:  RAIN."

Make it rain.


The Ultimate Secret pt.2 : Life is a DREAM


Computer is BRAIN

Everything you watch.  Everything you listen to.  Everything you read. Everything you focus on. Everyone you are around. Everything you have been taught.  EVERYTHING brainwashes you.  

The brain is basically an extremely complex computer, and just like a computer it requires an OS, an operating system.  Your software, your PROGRAMMING is your CULTURE.  

Why do you think a 30 second advertising spot during the Superbowl costs 4.5 million dollars. Advertisers know the  power of sound and images. Television PROGRAMS.  They are programming you with thoughts and ideas. INCEPTION.  Inserting ideas in the heads of billions. Inserting entire world views.  Views on government, work, science, religion, health, death, children, family, food,  REALITY.  What if the world view we are programmed with is not true? Look at NORTH KOREA.  Do they know they are brainwashed?  Watching the interviews of refugees from the country, you will hear them tell you all of the crazy things they are taught to believe.  WHAT are we BRAINWASHED with?  What things do we assume are NORMAL, but aren't?  

When you feel an emotion, your subconscious doesn't know the difference between an emotion based on something real and an emotion based on watching a movie.  To your subconscious, it's all REAL.  When you watch BREAKING BAD on a binge, subconsciously you are living in that tv show, and subconsciously teaching yourself that the world is a dire place filled with psychos and liars.  The more you watch it, the more this world view is solidified in your mental and emotional self.  The more it affects your consciousness, the more it affects the reality you create by thought and action.  My theory is that the more you focus on it, the more you create it in the material world.  What kind of world are we creating?  What kind of reality are we being programmed to create and by whom and for what end?  

This is not a new theory.  'The Secret' offers good perspective on this idea that your consciousness creates your reality.  Though, it doesn't explore the full potential of this idea or the why behind it.  It doesn't explain why you are here and who you are.  Spirituality.  

I am now going to tell you why we are here.  To have an experience.  Why?  Because, having an experience is a pleasurable feeling.  Life is a dream.  What is the point of a dream?  It has no practical value.  There is nothing you can take away from it except this: an experience.  A feeling.  In a dream for example, the only value money has is the kind of experience it can afford you.  Life is the same.

Then the next question becomes what experience is most pleasurable?  The Greek philosophers had plenty to say on this, especially Epicurus.  His philosophy was that the point of life is the seeking of pleasure, but not all pleasures are all equal.  For example, one might say that getting drunk is pleasurable, but then having hangovers, car accidents, and random drunk injuries takes away from that initial pleasure.  Reading a book may be more pleasurable, because you can read as many books as you want and never have a hangover.  

Everything is consciousness.  Reality is a dream.  Everything you watch affects you, affects your consciousness, creates your reality.  Are you taking responsibility for your own programming?  Have you ever questioned your programming and where it comes from?

Life is a dream, life is an experience.  How do we create the best possible experience?

For me, the best possible experience involves love. Compassion.  Freedom.  Power.  The power to be free.  Knowledge is power.  Truth is knowledge.   What is the TRUE though?  I believe TRUTH to not just be so-called facts or information, it is a state of being.  It is a state of awareness.  It is a state of being open, discerning, critical, humble.  The TRUTH is KNOWING that we DON'T KNOW. (Socrates)  Only then can you learn.  To be continued.

The Ultimate Secret of the Universe

  After years of searching, I've finally figured it out.  And it was in front of my eyes the entire time, handed to me on a silver platter.  It's just that given the information at the time, I had no idea what to do with it or how powerful it could truly be.

The answer is this : CONSCIOUSNESS.  

Now, I can give you this secret, but you may or may not believe.  Also, you may or may not know what to do with it. And you may not know what I even mean.  "It" is EVERYTHING.  And NOTHING.  For those of you who are distrustful of scientific terminology, here is another way to look at it.

LIFE is a DREAM.  Simple as that.

I can hear the yawns and feel the eyes rolling already.  If that's so, then you might as well click yourself away to another realm of the internet that won't challenge your entire world view.  The idea is frightening.  The idea is pure POWER, and power as you know is RESPONSIBILITY.    

Now, this idea has been presented in many different forms, in many different ways.  The way I arrived to my conclusion is very simple: QUANTUM PHYSICS.  I spent much of the past Winter painting a room in my house while listening to documentaries.  I watched Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time.   I watched several documentaries about the HADRON COLLIDER in France.  I started to become fascinated with concept of PARTICLE/WAVE DUALITY.  I had heard of it before, but never really understood what was going on there.  Then I learned that particles, such as Protons, Neutrons, Electrons etc, did not always act in the same manner as solid matter as we know it.  The way particles move through space is more similar to a wave of energy than solid matter.  Also, why is there so much space in between particles?  If you condensed the particles in matter and take away the extra "space", what you are left with is a minuscule fraction of the original solid matter.  Hrmm.

Technically from our current understanding of matter, we and everything else are made mostly of nothingness, with a tiny bit of stuff here and there.  So then, what are we seeing, and what are we touching?  "What is real?  How do you define real?  If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain."

So......why is it when we look at nothingness we feel?  We see, hear, taste, touch, smell. Remember the blue-black/white-gold dress?  Why did we see it in different colors?  Who's color sense is the accurate one, given we all perceive color differently?  Color is just an energy frequency, it's our eyes that interpret it and designate it a "color".  Quantum physicist Peter Russell explains this better than I.  The point of all this explanation is that there is no objective physical reality.  It's not real.  It's all a dream.  It's all consciousness.  

They really don't want you to know that.  THEY really DON'T want YOU to KNOW THAT.  I just saw a news article yesterday saying that consciousness has no major effect on "REALITY".  Ya.  That's what they want you to think. Consciousness is ultimately EMPOWERMENT.

It's a proven fact that the observation of an experiment will affect its outcome.  Consciousness affects REALITY.

Let's talk about the human body.

The PLACEBO "EFFECT" is not an effect.  It's not an accident.  It's the power of CONSCIOUSNESS.  Imagine if one was able to heal any ailment using the placebo "effect".  Martial artists and meditating monks have proven their ability to do amazing physical feats, such as withstanding pain.  In Nepal, the Buddha Boy apparently meditated a LONG time without taking any food or water.  He was also bitten by a poisonous snake, yet he seemed to be unaffected.  Another man, a SADDHU, was kept in a laboratory for 10 days to see if his claims about not eating and drinking were true.  According to western medicine, people are only able to go 4 days without water.  He did not eat or drink the entire time, and claimed that he got his "food" from the air and sunlight.  Here's the documentary that discusses the Buddha Boy and the Saddhu:

Jeanne Achterberg discusses the successes she's had with imagery and healing in the following THINKING ALLOWED show with Jeffrey Mishlove.  She talks about how she healed her daughter's warts (that covered her whole body) by allowing her to live out her dream of riding a great white stallion.  The next day all of her daughter's warts disappeared.

Imagine never needing to see a doctor again.  Imagine not needing to be dependant on health insurance or prescriptions.  That is freedom, that is health, that is empowering.  I'm not saying that people should stop taking medicine.  I'm just saying that this is an area that we need to be focusing a lot more attention on, and in the future more and more of us may have this SELF-HEALING ability.  Most people are nowhere near ready, but some may be. To heal yourself and to have that faith in your own power, you have to be at a certain level awareness which 99% of people on Earth aren't at yet.

Basically, there's an overwhelming amount of evidence that shows thoughts and emotions affect our health and body.  What about things outside the human body?  

Do you believe in TELEKINESIS?  Why not?  It happens all the time.  Well, I'm not sure if YOU would call it telekinesis, but it is definitely mind over matter.  Let me ask you this: How does a golfer like TIGER WOODS hit a tiny ball into a tiny whole that's very far away, that they can't even see?  Have you ever seen MICHAEL JORDAN defy the laws of gravity?  I personally have experienced telekinesis many time throughout my life, along with other strange consciousness-related experiences.  I remember as a small child going bowling, throwing the ball down the lane slowly, and watching it wobble back and forth while I prayed for it to get a strike.  And it did.  Several times as a child, there were always these basketball contests to win a prize.  I can think of 4 times where I focused with all my energy and made some really impossible basketball shots.  

During one of my SHAMANIC ECSTASIES, I recall the outside wind blowing through the trees, leaves, and wind chimes, complementing the deepness of my meditative state.  I kid you not, I sat down to meditate and the deeper I got into my meditation, the quieter my thoughts became, the stronger the wind blew outside.  As I mentally commented to myself on the amazingness of this occurrence, the intensity of the wind would dissipate.  I quieted my mind again, and again the wind rose.  Curious as to what would happen, I let the intensity increase until an explosion occurred inside my soul, and I experienced shamanic ecstasy.  But I digress, the point is that the wind corresponded to my thoughts and state of being.  I will talk on my shamanic experiences more thoroughly at another time.  

One time while irritated at a server, using my finger I tapped on a table with too much emotional intensity, and the whole thing collapsed.  An 'awakened' friend of mine witnessed this and gave me a wide-eyed look that said, "Look what you did."  An unawakened person would have assumed it wasn't my fault.  It sounds nutty, but it was a very big, sturdy table.  I barely touched the thing.  Another time, believe it or not, I knocked over a stack of dishes with my mind during a party.  The feeling of it was so eerie, that the whole house party stopped to see what had caused the big racket.  It was my energy getting out of control.  (I am reminded of the intro to X-men : First Class.)

One more example.  One time while hanging with friends at a pool, I was drunk.  My friend was way on the other side of the pool holding a plate of chips in one hand and a beer in the other.  I said, "Dude, bring those chips over here."  He said, "Man, there's no way I'm bringing these chips all the way to the other side of the pool."  "If you don't bring those chips over here, I'm gonna knock that plate of chips out of your hand with this empty red Solo cup. " "Maan, there's no way you can knock these chips out of my hand."  Drunkenly, I pull my arm back and then proceed to thoughtlessly throw the cup in a basketball hook shot fashion.  It goes way up into the air in a big arch, then comes right down on the chips, knocking the whole plate into the pool.  "I can't believe you just did that !" True story.

Visualize then do it.  Generate a huge burst of ALPHA Brainwaves.  

To be continued...   

First Post. April 23, 2015

Getting these engines revved up here in Taiwan.  Heading to Houston in less than a month.  Busy, but ridin' that wave.  I've been holding back for years.  No more.  The DRAGON awakes !  Peace up.