The Ultimate Secret of the Universe

  After years of searching, I've finally figured it out.  And it was in front of my eyes the entire time, handed to me on a silver platter.  It's just that given the information at the time, I had no idea what to do with it or how powerful it could truly be.

The answer is this : CONSCIOUSNESS.  

Now, I can give you this secret, but you may or may not believe.  Also, you may or may not know what to do with it. And you may not know what I even mean.  "It" is EVERYTHING.  And NOTHING.  For those of you who are distrustful of scientific terminology, here is another way to look at it.

LIFE is a DREAM.  Simple as that.

I can hear the yawns and feel the eyes rolling already.  If that's so, then you might as well click yourself away to another realm of the internet that won't challenge your entire world view.  The idea is frightening.  The idea is pure POWER, and power as you know is RESPONSIBILITY.    

Now, this idea has been presented in many different forms, in many different ways.  The way I arrived to my conclusion is very simple: QUANTUM PHYSICS.  I spent much of the past Winter painting a room in my house while listening to documentaries.  I watched Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time.   I watched several documentaries about the HADRON COLLIDER in France.  I started to become fascinated with concept of PARTICLE/WAVE DUALITY.  I had heard of it before, but never really understood what was going on there.  Then I learned that particles, such as Protons, Neutrons, Electrons etc, did not always act in the same manner as solid matter as we know it.  The way particles move through space is more similar to a wave of energy than solid matter.  Also, why is there so much space in between particles?  If you condensed the particles in matter and take away the extra "space", what you are left with is a minuscule fraction of the original solid matter.  Hrmm.

Technically from our current understanding of matter, we and everything else are made mostly of nothingness, with a tiny bit of stuff here and there.  So then, what are we seeing, and what are we touching?  "What is real?  How do you define real?  If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain."

So......why is it when we look at nothingness we feel?  We see, hear, taste, touch, smell. Remember the blue-black/white-gold dress?  Why did we see it in different colors?  Who's color sense is the accurate one, given we all perceive color differently?  Color is just an energy frequency, it's our eyes that interpret it and designate it a "color".  Quantum physicist Peter Russell explains this better than I.  The point of all this explanation is that there is no objective physical reality.  It's not real.  It's all a dream.  It's all consciousness.  

They really don't want you to know that.  THEY really DON'T want YOU to KNOW THAT.  I just saw a news article yesterday saying that consciousness has no major effect on "REALITY".  Ya.  That's what they want you to think. Consciousness is ultimately EMPOWERMENT.

It's a proven fact that the observation of an experiment will affect its outcome.  Consciousness affects REALITY.

Let's talk about the human body.

The PLACEBO "EFFECT" is not an effect.  It's not an accident.  It's the power of CONSCIOUSNESS.  Imagine if one was able to heal any ailment using the placebo "effect".  Martial artists and meditating monks have proven their ability to do amazing physical feats, such as withstanding pain.  In Nepal, the Buddha Boy apparently meditated a LONG time without taking any food or water.  He was also bitten by a poisonous snake, yet he seemed to be unaffected.  Another man, a SADDHU, was kept in a laboratory for 10 days to see if his claims about not eating and drinking were true.  According to western medicine, people are only able to go 4 days without water.  He did not eat or drink the entire time, and claimed that he got his "food" from the air and sunlight.  Here's the documentary that discusses the Buddha Boy and the Saddhu:

Jeanne Achterberg discusses the successes she's had with imagery and healing in the following THINKING ALLOWED show with Jeffrey Mishlove.  She talks about how she healed her daughter's warts (that covered her whole body) by allowing her to live out her dream of riding a great white stallion.  The next day all of her daughter's warts disappeared.

Imagine never needing to see a doctor again.  Imagine not needing to be dependant on health insurance or prescriptions.  That is freedom, that is health, that is empowering.  I'm not saying that people should stop taking medicine.  I'm just saying that this is an area that we need to be focusing a lot more attention on, and in the future more and more of us may have this SELF-HEALING ability.  Most people are nowhere near ready, but some may be. To heal yourself and to have that faith in your own power, you have to be at a certain level awareness which 99% of people on Earth aren't at yet.

Basically, there's an overwhelming amount of evidence that shows thoughts and emotions affect our health and body.  What about things outside the human body?  

Do you believe in TELEKINESIS?  Why not?  It happens all the time.  Well, I'm not sure if YOU would call it telekinesis, but it is definitely mind over matter.  Let me ask you this: How does a golfer like TIGER WOODS hit a tiny ball into a tiny whole that's very far away, that they can't even see?  Have you ever seen MICHAEL JORDAN defy the laws of gravity?  I personally have experienced telekinesis many time throughout my life, along with other strange consciousness-related experiences.  I remember as a small child going bowling, throwing the ball down the lane slowly, and watching it wobble back and forth while I prayed for it to get a strike.  And it did.  Several times as a child, there were always these basketball contests to win a prize.  I can think of 4 times where I focused with all my energy and made some really impossible basketball shots.  

During one of my SHAMANIC ECSTASIES, I recall the outside wind blowing through the trees, leaves, and wind chimes, complementing the deepness of my meditative state.  I kid you not, I sat down to meditate and the deeper I got into my meditation, the quieter my thoughts became, the stronger the wind blew outside.  As I mentally commented to myself on the amazingness of this occurrence, the intensity of the wind would dissipate.  I quieted my mind again, and again the wind rose.  Curious as to what would happen, I let the intensity increase until an explosion occurred inside my soul, and I experienced shamanic ecstasy.  But I digress, the point is that the wind corresponded to my thoughts and state of being.  I will talk on my shamanic experiences more thoroughly at another time.  

One time while irritated at a server, using my finger I tapped on a table with too much emotional intensity, and the whole thing collapsed.  An 'awakened' friend of mine witnessed this and gave me a wide-eyed look that said, "Look what you did."  An unawakened person would have assumed it wasn't my fault.  It sounds nutty, but it was a very big, sturdy table.  I barely touched the thing.  Another time, believe it or not, I knocked over a stack of dishes with my mind during a party.  The feeling of it was so eerie, that the whole house party stopped to see what had caused the big racket.  It was my energy getting out of control.  (I am reminded of the intro to X-men : First Class.)

One more example.  One time while hanging with friends at a pool, I was drunk.  My friend was way on the other side of the pool holding a plate of chips in one hand and a beer in the other.  I said, "Dude, bring those chips over here."  He said, "Man, there's no way I'm bringing these chips all the way to the other side of the pool."  "If you don't bring those chips over here, I'm gonna knock that plate of chips out of your hand with this empty red Solo cup. " "Maan, there's no way you can knock these chips out of my hand."  Drunkenly, I pull my arm back and then proceed to thoughtlessly throw the cup in a basketball hook shot fashion.  It goes way up into the air in a big arch, then comes right down on the chips, knocking the whole plate into the pool.  "I can't believe you just did that !" True story.

Visualize then do it.  Generate a huge burst of ALPHA Brainwaves.  

To be continued...