The Ultimate Secret pt.2 : Life is a DREAM


Computer is BRAIN

Everything you watch.  Everything you listen to.  Everything you read. Everything you focus on. Everyone you are around. Everything you have been taught.  EVERYTHING brainwashes you.  

The brain is basically an extremely complex computer, and just like a computer it requires an OS, an operating system.  Your software, your PROGRAMMING is your CULTURE.  

Why do you think a 30 second advertising spot during the Superbowl costs 4.5 million dollars. Advertisers know the  power of sound and images. Television PROGRAMS.  They are programming you with thoughts and ideas. INCEPTION.  Inserting ideas in the heads of billions. Inserting entire world views.  Views on government, work, science, religion, health, death, children, family, food,  REALITY.  What if the world view we are programmed with is not true? Look at NORTH KOREA.  Do they know they are brainwashed?  Watching the interviews of refugees from the country, you will hear them tell you all of the crazy things they are taught to believe.  WHAT are we BRAINWASHED with?  What things do we assume are NORMAL, but aren't?  

When you feel an emotion, your subconscious doesn't know the difference between an emotion based on something real and an emotion based on watching a movie.  To your subconscious, it's all REAL.  When you watch BREAKING BAD on a binge, subconsciously you are living in that tv show, and subconsciously teaching yourself that the world is a dire place filled with psychos and liars.  The more you watch it, the more this world view is solidified in your mental and emotional self.  The more it affects your consciousness, the more it affects the reality you create by thought and action.  My theory is that the more you focus on it, the more you create it in the material world.  What kind of world are we creating?  What kind of reality are we being programmed to create and by whom and for what end?  

This is not a new theory.  'The Secret' offers good perspective on this idea that your consciousness creates your reality.  Though, it doesn't explore the full potential of this idea or the why behind it.  It doesn't explain why you are here and who you are.  Spirituality.  

I am now going to tell you why we are here.  To have an experience.  Why?  Because, having an experience is a pleasurable feeling.  Life is a dream.  What is the point of a dream?  It has no practical value.  There is nothing you can take away from it except this: an experience.  A feeling.  In a dream for example, the only value money has is the kind of experience it can afford you.  Life is the same.

Then the next question becomes what experience is most pleasurable?  The Greek philosophers had plenty to say on this, especially Epicurus.  His philosophy was that the point of life is the seeking of pleasure, but not all pleasures are all equal.  For example, one might say that getting drunk is pleasurable, but then having hangovers, car accidents, and random drunk injuries takes away from that initial pleasure.  Reading a book may be more pleasurable, because you can read as many books as you want and never have a hangover.  

Everything is consciousness.  Reality is a dream.  Everything you watch affects you, affects your consciousness, creates your reality.  Are you taking responsibility for your own programming?  Have you ever questioned your programming and where it comes from?

Life is a dream, life is an experience.  How do we create the best possible experience?

For me, the best possible experience involves love. Compassion.  Freedom.  Power.  The power to be free.  Knowledge is power.  Truth is knowledge.   What is the TRUE though?  I believe TRUTH to not just be so-called facts or information, it is a state of being.  It is a state of awareness.  It is a state of being open, discerning, critical, humble.  The TRUTH is KNOWING that we DON'T KNOW. (Socrates)  Only then can you learn.  To be continued.