The Healing Power of Love

I believe... Love is literally a healing energetic force.  You have to feel it through and through.  Have to make your body tingle with positive energy.  I experienced this first hand once when I had bronchitis really bad. An old friend hit me up for a chat, and it was so great to talk to him, I felt energized and was mostly healed by the time we finished.  True story.  I was like 80% better.  Another friend told me how once he was walking and he saw a man fall down and start foaming at the mouth.  He went over to the man, put his hands above him and started praying.  Within a few minutes, the man basically came back to consciousness.  I believe what healed him was the love and compassion... and the intention.  I think love is a bio-electrical force that has a definite effect on the real world.  Real love... This is also demonstrated in Harry Potter when he is taught the protective spell of "Expecto Patronum." For the spell to protect him against the negative entities, he must say the words while conjuring up his happiest memory, which for him is just an image of him with his parents, the love he had for his parents.  Not saying it's easy, but perhaps the more of a loving, feeling person you are, the more effective it is.  It involves summoning a very strong emotion from within.  I will continue to test this theory.