Shamanism in Pop Culture: Star Trek TNG

Wesley Crusher, the kid, is the Shaman of Star Trek : The Next Generaltion.   He shows all of the signs.  First, he suffers a great tragedy that shakes up his childhood when his father dies violently.  Now, he is different.  He is forced to face the meaning of Death at a young age.  

Then, he is told by an energy manipulating being from another world that he is special.  He is told that he sees and understands something that most don't: SPACE, TIME, and THOUGHT are all one.  (Everything is Consciousness.  Elevate Consciousness.)  

(Season 1, Episode 6: Where No One Has Gone Before)

In the 24th century, Native Americans have decided to leave Earth, so they choose a planet guided to them by Spirit and move there.  Demonic-looking beings called Kardassians are trying to take it over, with the Federation in the middle as peacemaker.  While there, Wesley is approached by the "Shaman" of the tribe and led to have a Vision Quest.  In the trancelike state, Wesley sees his long dead father.  He advises him not to follow in his footsteps and to find his own path.  

When Wesley comes out of the Vision Quest, he finds that the Native peoples and the Kardassians are fighting, and he yells stop.  Time stops.  Wesley is able to make time stop with his mind.  The "Shaman" appears.  Turns out the "Shaman" is the original energy manipulating being from another dimension.  The being tells Wesley he has much to learn, and the two of them walk off to another dimension.     

(Season 7, Episode 20: Journey's End)

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