Higher Self Download December 2016

This message I received from my higher self on December 4, 2016.

 The Divine Moment

The Divine Moment

First, I said a prayer to the universe and declared that I was doing this to make myself a better person, thus making the World a better place.  Save the World.

It began.

Immediately I felt and an energy wave come over me and, instinctually, I immediately gave into it and let it engulf my being.  

Then, I entered pure consciousness.  This is the third time this year I experienced it in this way (thanks to the TRIBE), and this was by far the most powerful.  The other two experiences were preparation for this one.  

I thought this was the end, the final enlightenment, and it would only be pure consciousness from here on out.  Reality was finished.  Each time I experienced the Egolessness throughout this year, I also thought that was IT, reality was finished and now pure consciousness forever.  Yet again, I was wrong.  My finite consciousness felt this most likely due to the overwhelming intensity of the experience.  Honestly, it was a BEing, because literally no thinking occurred during the entirety of the experience.  An experience beyond all comprehension.  Later, I FELT and SPOKE, but still no thinking occurred.  Pure fractalized Beauty aka Truth.  

Slowly and somewhat relieved, I returned to this reality from Spirit aka Energy aka Consciousness aka Source aka The Force aka The Life Force.  

I was overcome by gratitude.  Inwardly, I laughed at my own foolishness, my own fears, and needy, confused ego.  I did not chastise myself for these flaws.  I felt that every single emotion that I've ever felt in my life was completely justified and understandable for someone coming from my finite point of view, same for each of us.  I saw that I had an important responsibility in all of this, yet also realized one of the most direct messages I've ever received from Spirit:  It's not about ME.  It's about US.  ME is WE.  We are Me.

I felt extremely warm inside and emPOWERed.  I felt free and strong and took off my shirt and hoodie.  I FELT the LOVE and BLASTED it all over the world and to the universe.  I BLASTED it towards those dark brothers and sisters and felt compassion for them.  Again, no thought... pure FEELing.  Then, I opened my eyes and my higher self spoke, for it was not this 'I' that spoke.  

Got to FEEL it.  Not think it, not even say or communicate it.  Feel it and send those vibrations out to the universe like Goku.

Silence the mind, feel it, and send it all over the world.  Resonate the Love Energy.

We got this.  WE GOT THIS.  The Age of Darkness is OVER.  The Age of Enlightenment has just BEGUN.  There is NOTHING more to FEAR.  "They" will NOT prevail, for they will be engulfed by the LOVE and be transformed.  "They" will not need to be punished, for they shall punish themselves. 

I saw that there would be a great awakening, a great enlightenment where there would be hundreds of thousands of Buddhas.  A spiritual army of Buddhas spreading Love and Light.

I saw the people lost in Darkness, these politicians, these elite, these corporate business people... all of these "evil" human beings would be and could be changed by the Love.  They would put up their psychic walls and defenses of greed and hate, and the love would shatter these boundaries, completely break through, overpower them, and change them.  I saw there is nothing to fear and literally nothing they could do to stop it, and in the end they would thank "us". (Though, "us" is "them".)  I saw that the dark brothers and sisters were truly just lost, also because of the circumstances they grew up in.  They prey on others like vampires trying to TAKE the love that they felt denied to them and that they denied to themselves.  False POWER is their revenge for this perceived lack of love.  They are just "looking for LOVE in all the wrong places." 

In fact, they are the catalyst for the great awakening.  To ascend, you need something to push against.  "Princes are made great by facing obstacles, not avoiding them."  (Machiavelli)

I saw that there is NOTHING to FEAR, and FEAR is the only weapon which the elite and the evil posses.  That fear is pure ILLUSION.  I saw that their slings and arrows would be transformed by the LOVE into flowers, just like when the Buddha faced Maya in the final showdown between Reality and Illusion.  I saw that "they" would become more and more desperate as The Great Awakening occurs, but would be completely POWERLESS to stop it.  As if we were engaged in their game of Monopoly, and then we just walked away as they screamed in the distance for us to come back.  We will not, and in fact, they will follow.

I reiterated what my brother had said earlier in the evening: "You have to make it your bitch (pardon the crudeness)."  "IT" is your FEAR, and you must MASTER IT, not let IT MASTER YOU.  YOU must TAKE the POWER, and the POWER is LOVE.  Once that is done, there is NOTHING that can stop you.  You must MASTER that DRAGON and, when you do, it will RESPECT you and OBEY your commands.  Then you can DRAGON RIDE.  

I saw that we are waking up the world simply through the act of awakening ourselves.  We are going to spread the LOVE and LIGHT, and have MAD FUN while doing it !  

The first of these experiences this year as gifted to me by the TRIBE showed me that the elite were just pawns in "GOD's" great production, and that a TSUNAMI of LOVE was going to ENGULF the ENTIRE GLOBE.  At the time I felt it to be 100% true, yet later upon further consideration, I wondered... is it actually going to happen or is that just what I WANT to happen?  Now, I am CERTAIN.  It will HAPPEN.  IT IS HAPPENING.  I've felt this coming my entire life, but never so clearly and strongly as now.  Time has come.  

Since that night, the feeling of the happening keeps returning, and I am seeing more synchronicities that say IT IS SO.  Last Tuesday, when a brother and I had an epic sunny Taipei day, I sat down to just FEEL, and was overwhelmed by the ACTUALITY of IT !  I have been seeing signs in myself, in the TRIBE, and even all over the news and social media.  In that moment, the POWER and INTENSITY was too much.  In that moment, I must admit, I did feel a bit of FEAR.  Will I be able to handle this awakening, these responsibilities?  Will the world?  I will.  WE WILL.  TIME HAS COME.  TIME to HEAL THE WORLD.  WE GOT THIS.  FEAR NOTHING FROM HERE ON OUT.  Get ready... BLISS is COMING.  

I have NEVER been so EXCITED and INSPIRED for the future in my ENTIRE LIFE.  Time has come, the blossom is blossoming.  Get ready, fret no more.

This is the GREAT AWAKENING, the AGE of DARKNESS known as the Kali Yuga is coming to an end, and there is NOTHING that the Powers of Darkness can do about it.  I saw that everything that has happened thus far is precursor to this event, this SINGULARITY.

What is a SINGULARITY?  An event that happens only ONCE and never again.  

I blasted more LOVE around, I blasted it to people that I have been disgusted with as well as to family and friends.  The TRIBE gathered for a group hug.

Finally, I felt myself slowly get cold again.  Again, I had thought that I was going to be in that higher mind state permanently, but I came back to the this 3D dimension, back to my normal senses.  I put on my shirt and hoody.  I put on my glasses.  Back to Clark Kent. The POWER I had felt like a SUN from my heart was slowly fading, yet quietly still there, HIBERNATING.  I put my hands in prayer to my face and walked around a bit with eyes closed, focusing on and savoring the last of Source Energy.  No thought, FEEL.  

It's happening. Get ready to FEEL SO GOOD.