New Music Video ! "LUCY'd"

Time to Wake UP !  SHA DRA - LUCY'd  !  ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Psychedelic Pineal 3rd Eye Woke Conscious Hip Hop.   Brought the Jedi Warriors for this one. Shot in Taiwan.  Inspired by the movie that was shot in Taiwan.  Inspired by my grandmothers. Inspired by Beethoven.  

May be hard to tell, but the shirt I'm wearing features a Shaman wearing a cross and antlers with Sacred Geometry in the background.  Spinning Vajra Thunderbolt from Nepal on the finger.  Aztec/Mayan calendar, panther with ruby eye, and Mudra around the neck.  Buddha heads on the wrist.  

Thanks to all involved: Billy Stagner, Irina Love, Isabel Love, Tony Quander, and Sam Perniskie. Great write-up about the shoot by the homie Andrew: