How to Find Your Spirit Animal Totem

  To the uninitiated, it sounds strange, possibly crazy, but from my personal life experience, it is 100% true.  Yes, we really do have spirit animals.  Cool huh. Imagine... the spirit and energy of that creature giving you power and abilities unique to your Totem group.  And weaknesses.  You will LOOK like your animal.  You will ACT like your animal.  Your life will mirror its life.  You will have a strong connection to the animal in some way, shape, or form.  You see it in movies and books all the time.  One of the strongest examples I’ve seen is in The Golden Compass.  Game of Thrones.  The Brotherhood of the Wolf.  The 80's cartoon VISIONARIES.  Wolverine.  Spider-Man.  Batman.  Snoop Dogg.  Bruce Lee (Dragon).  Astrological signs are a form of Totem as well.  

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light

  Since I was a youngling, I’ve always noticed there was a connection between certain people and a particular animal.  Animal totemism is a major aspect of Shamanism, and often when I looked at celebrities or my friends I would intuitively feel a certain animal energy there.  Later I learned that one of the jobs of a Shaman is to help people find their animals for themselves.  Only you know what animal you are.  Only YOU know YOU.  You have to be honest with yourself though.

  Animals are special and sacred.  They represent nature and life itself.  They are highly important to science AND spirit.  When you make a connection with an animal spirit, it is no small thing.  It is like gaining experience points and new abilities in an RPG.  It means you have increased spiritual energy.  It means that you have unlocked a new dimension of yourself, and it gives you power and confidence.  Knowledge is power, and all knowledge is ultimately self knowledge.  It is a power that can be used and also misused.  In Shamanism, it is said that when your soul gets sick, it is because your spirit animal has abandoned you, and the Shaman must help you get it back.  If you disrespect it and don’t honour it, it will abandon you.  

  You don't choose your spirit animal.  It must choose YOU.  You may try to choose whatever spirit animal you think is the most badass, but you may be setting yourself up for disappointment.  Just because you think a certain animal is great doesn’t mean you have a connection with it.  It could mean that you are strongly in denial about who you are and that you are living an inauthentic existence.  If your guide is the SQUIRREL and you want to be the LION, subconsciously you may be programming yourself to believe something untrue, and acting like that LION could get you into trouble.  I believe the man in the GRIZZLY MAN documentary movie fell prey to this.

  Sometimes when you see an animal, it IS a SIGN. 

  Finding your animal is more of an art than a science, but it does require firm logic.  Think: COINCIDENCE (Synchronicity).  The caveat is this: it must be an extraordinary coincidence or number of coincidences.  Maybe you have a nickname that was given to you and has followed you your whole life.  Perhaps you were attacked by an animal in a way that was very intense, possibly life threatening.  Maybe you keep hearing a certain animal’s name, and then you see that animal on TV or, better yet, in real life.  Use your intuition.  Search your feelings, Luke.  

  Personal examples.  In the earlier part of my life's journey, I had been aware of the idea of Spirit Animals for awhile, but not yet convinced.  Then one day, I was reading a book that described how to find your animal.  It said that the animal would reveal itself to the person.  I began to contemplate.  I think for awhile, then go to the bathroom.  I look at the mirror and realize I am wearing a shirt with a huge animal head on it.  Synchronistically, this very animal was talked about in the movie I had just watched.  I thought further about an experience I had with the animal as a child that was quite intense.  BOOM.   I realized this animal was my Totem.  Instantly I had a clearer picture of who I was as a being, my energy mirrored back to me in the form of this animal spirit.  My strengths, my weaknesses, my tendencies towards certain things that were not shared by all.  It was a reminder of things I had already known about myself, but not yet solidified into a specific concept or word.  It gave me a new respect for my own power and abilities.  

  On another occasion, there was an animal that I would see all of the time that I was somewhat fond of.  Sometimes, I felt like the creature was following me around.  I thought to myself that perhaps there was a connection, but I did not assume.  I wanted to be absolutely sure, so I held back any assumptions.  Then one day, I was having an important interview for a new job.  They told me that the interview would be late, and to come back in 30 minutes.  I went for a walk around the block, and there was a museum with free entry right there.  I walked in, and immediately a woman handed me a piece of paper with the exact said animal printed on it with its name in big words.  BOOM.  Mind was blown.  A new aspect of the self revealed.  When it happens for you, it is a sign that you are doing something right in life, you are headed in the right direction.  

  You will have more than one animal.  Some are not your SOUL animal, but just temporary messengers and guides, alerting you to the next step in your journey.  Sometimes they can be harbingers of ill events to come.  I have personally experienced this as well.  

  In our DNA lies the codes to all life on Earth.  All embryos look identical in the womb.  Our DNA is less than 1% different than that of a chimpanzee or a bonobo.  All life is connected.  Everything is ONE.  1.