Spiritual Means 1 Thing: Love

Such a major tragedy in a city called "Christ Church". The deeper symbolism of that is startling... The livestream on "Famebook"... likes, hearts, shares, reactions, eyeballs... more fodder for the Roman Coliseum. (This was the whole point of the very first episode of Black Mirror, the politician and the pig.) Glorified violence. Video games? Violence is a fact of life (even though must of us see very little true violence in our daily lives), but doesn't our society also just indulge in it? People playing violence, buying violence, selling violence, viewing violence. You are what you eat. What you see, you eat. A lot of self-proclaimed spiritual people also indulge... Every superhero movie except Dr Strange is won by violence. A thing begets itself. Love begets Love, Hate begets Hate. What we collectively focus on we create more of. If it's not about TOTAL peace and TRUE love, then it's not spiritual at all. Will these events push and propel you upward, drag you downward, or not affect you at all? We're all connected.